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Two Sister on a Mission

Whitney and Cherie Sanders have always had a heart to serve the community. In fact, it was one of the fundamental principles their father, Alvin instilled in them as little girls.

Whitney, the youngest of the two sisters knew as early as junior high school, God ordained her to be of service to others. Serving the community and working with youth has always been a top priority for her. Once she realized the impact and how her presence had a positive effect on others, she made it her business to continue her calling. Whitney has participated in countless community service projects and initiatives aimed to improve the lives of children and families. In 2011, Whitney graduated with a degree in Public Affairs and now is a finance professional working to create affordable housing options for families.

Cherie, the oldest of the two sisters didn't always know her purpose would be to serve kids. It wasn't until after college in 2010 that it became apparent she had a true gift! Kids gravitated towards Cherie and she became known for her ability to get through to the "toughest kids".  Shortly after realizing her calling, she earned her Masters Degree in School Counseling and is now an award-winning counselor.  

After the passing of their father, Whitney and Cherie, have decided to make a difference in the lives of others.  Together, they have decided to continue their father’s legacy of service, which led to the founding of About My Father’s Business also known as AMFB Mentors. The sisters often say, they are in the business of continuing their fathers work in mentoring the youth.