Representation Matters

Photo subject to copyright

Photo subject to copyright

Representation matters.

When young girls are able to see representatives of themselves in film, television, literature it plants a seed in their minds that their dreams are valid and obtainable.

Witnessing the first African American First Lady of the United States or the first woman to run for President of the United States allows a young girl to see she too can obtain the highest position in the world.

Witnessing a woman African American Mayor in their city opens the door for them to walk through and dedicate their career to public service.

Witnessing entrepreneurs in their community open successful businesses allows them to see the impact businesses can have on their community by stimulating the local economy

It is imperative for young girls to see themselves represented positively in the media because it builds their self-confidence and often reflects their level of self-awareness. Representation has the power to change the way a young girls views herself and those who look like her. We believe it is extremely important for young girls to see themselves represented in POSITIVE images through art, film, and many other facets.

AMFB Mentors exposes our girls to theater, art exhibits, museums and guest speakers who are from their neighborhoods, have similar backgrounds and experiences. We are on a mission to expose our girls to different cultural experiences that may not be available through school or home life and ensure they see the positive aspects of their future. We believe cultural awareness and diversity will help the girls become well-rounded individuals that will assist in their personal and professional development.

Girls are more likely to be, what they can see.