Fundraising campaign

A Champion For Girls


Will you be a champion for girls? Your donation allows girls access to transportation,  educational field trips, leadership conferences, and programming designed to help girls develop both personally and professionally. Our program is designed to be eye-opening and life changing for many of our girls. Through our volunteer staff, we provide a one of a kind support system to ensure each girl has access to a family therapist, school counselor, and professionally trained talent acquisition specialist and much more. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to ensure young girls in the community are supported both mentally and physically to reach their full potential.

  • Mentoring is particularly beneficial to disadvantaged teens. Young people who had experienced discrimination, family stressors, and abuse were less likely to break the law or engage in substance abuse if they had a positive mentoring relationship. 
  • Teens grew intellectually, interpersonally, and emotionally from supportive mentors
  • Children with mentors were more confident and had fewer behavioral problems
  • Girls in the study were four times less likely to become bullies than those without a mentor (Big Brother, Big Sister)
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